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Ruidoso Warriors fall to Robertson 16-34  Hear It

"The Morning Show"  with "Harvey T."   7:00am - 9:00am, M-F
"The Live Morning Show" on KEDU Radio!
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120716  Tribute to pur Veterans - Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941    Hear It
The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise, but Japan and the United States had been edging toward war for decades. The United States was particularly unhappy with Japan’s increasingly belligerent attitude toward China... MORE

(Pictures courtesy of STLtoday.com)

120716  Kari Dawn Kolander and "Olive" - Ruidoso Public Library   Hear It
Kari Dawn and "Olive" paid a visit to "Studio B" Wednesday.
They offered a full update on events at the Ruidoso Public Library.
She even offer-up a story about the history surrounding "Olive the Other Reindeer."

Click on the link to see the website at the Ruidoso Public Library, and all of the events and updates going on there.

Website      More Info



120616  Guest: Bill Harrelson - Volunteer, Lincoln County Humane Society  Hear It
The Humane Society of Lincoln County has operated for over 25 years providing care to homeless pets throughout Lincoln County. We are proud to have one of the highest adoption rates of any shelter in New Mexico with over 9,000 lost or abandoned dogs and cats that have been nurtured, healed, adopted and returned to owners in the last 7 years.  Hear the Interview


120216  Guest: Steve Stucker, New Mexico's Weatherman - KOB-TV      Hear It
KOB-TV Personality, Steve Stucker, is the 2016  Festival of Lights Parade Grand Marshall.

KOB-TV - Albuquerque   Hear this Interview

Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce

Community Events Calendar


110816  Donald Trump Elected as 45th Prersident   Hear the Speech


111516  Guest: Dan Haynes - F1 Computer Services, Topics: Spam, Computer Safety

110816 Guest: Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM2) Re-elected    Hear It
(Hobbs, NM - My SA) Republican U.S. Rep. Steve Pearce extended his 12-year tenure in Congress with a victory in southern New Mexico's 2nd District.
He defeated Democrat Merrie Lee Souleson on Tuesday in the sprawling district that includes Las Cruces, a sliver of the border with Mexico and some of the state's most productive oil and gas wells.

Pearce has pledged to reduce the regulatory role of federal government in education, health care and land management.
The Vietnam War veteran and former owner of an oil-field services firm supported Donald Trump throughout the presidential campaign but described the GOP nominee's 2005 comments about women "horrid."

112316  Guests: Delana Clements and Andrea  - The Old Mill     Hear It
The Old Mill is sponsoring a free concert series in Ruidoso, beginning Friday, November 24th, and running through Sunday, November 27th.

Saturday night, November 26th, there will be a dance and a "Pilgrim Costume Party" beginning at 7:00pm.

These events are supporting a fund raising effort to save "The Old Mill."
The mill is Ruidoso's oldest building, and a historical icon of Ruidoso's colorful history.
Old Mill Preservation  
.313 Spring Road
Ruidoso, NM 88345  

"Ask the Doctor" - DR. Jooseph Fraley - Tuesdays at 9:10am

Bio:  Hear the Program
Dr. Fraley was raised in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. He is married to his lovely wife Stacy and has two little girls, Evvi and Paige.
He currently runs Alpha and Omega Chiropractic, a wellness based practice dedicated to improving health naturally. He also teaches graduate and post graduate classes with subjects including chemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, microbiology, and pathology. B.S. in Anatomy and B.S. in Health and Wellness and a D.C. in Chiropractic.

Email Dr. Fraley:
Click Here

Alpha & Omega Chiropractic
106 Alpine Village Drive
Ruidoso, New Mexico 88345
(575) 258-5999

Dakota Livesay : "Chronicle of the Old  West" 
Radio Show
 - Monday - Friday 7:35am
Weekly Edition on Saturday at 7:05am.
"Old West history at its finest." The "Chronicle of the Old West" is a radio show and a fascinating newspaper!  It makes a wonderful gift for friends and family that appreciate our western history
 Listen to Dakota Livesay each weekday on the Morning Show with "The Morning Crew", M-F at 7:25am, (Mountain), and Saturday at 7:05am. (M-F time approximate)

 Starting the first of 2003,
Chronicle of the Old West, in addition to a newspaper, became a radio show. Five days a week, publisher Dakota Livesay, narrates stories about people and events from the Old West.

Monday through Friday, and Saturday, you can hear all about the people and places of the Old West. From the infamous Wild Bill Hickok and Judge Roy Bean, to the outlaws they pursued, and the cattlemen and settlers who carved out a home in the Western Frontier. Each day Dakota shares something you probably didn't know about the Old West. And, just like the newspaper, each show is about events that take place in the month in which they are aired.

KEDU Radio:  Monday - Friday, 7:25am - Daily Edition
KEDU Radio:  Saturday, 7:05am - Weekly Edition

Coach's Corner 2016 with Coach Kief Johnson
Ruidoso Warriors - Head Coach

Kief Johnson - Ruidoso Head Football Coach


Congressional Review with Rep. Steve Pearce
KEDU Radio - Ruidoso - Friday's at 10:10am

Eye on Education" with Dr. "B." Bi-weekly on KEDU
Join Dr. George Bickert, Superintendent of Ruidoso Schools   120716
Dr. George Bickert, Supt. Ruidoso Schools - Eye on Education   Hear It
Dr. George Bickert
took some time out to have a candid chat on KEDU this morning. We discussed many topics.
"Dr. B" will be appearing on KEDU bi-weekly, with a new radio
show: "Eye on Education with Dr. B.."

Topics today: Plans & Outlay, Budgets, Report Card on Ruidoso

Hear the Interviews
Education Update  1

Studio "B"

083116 RMS Update

Guest: Dr. Addis RMS Principal - 

The KrisAnne Hall Show"
Saturdays at 8:10am on KEDU Radio 102.3 FM
KrisAnne Hall  is an attorney and former prosecutor, fired after teaching the Constitution to TEA Party groups – she would not sacrifice liberty for a paycheck. She is a disabled veteran of the US Army, a Russian linguist, a mother, a pastor’s wife and a patriot. She now travels the country and teaches the Constitution and the history that gave us our founding documents. KrisAnne Hall does not just teach the Constitution, she lays the foundations that show how reliable and relevant our founding documents are today. She presents the “genealogy” of the Constitution – the 700 year history and five foundational documents that are the very roots of American Liberty.  More

Legacy Watch - Veteran's Hour with Vic Currier
Friday's at 10:30am     Hear It     Archives
Vic Currier attended the University of Arizona at Tucson, and served three consecutive top-secret combat tour extensions in Vietnam (24FEB69 - 14APR71) with the U.S. Air Force. Service specialties included USAF Communications, Computers and Navigational Aids in II-Corps Vietnam.

His life's work includes thirteen years as a railroad brakeman and manager, twenty-five years in mid-level and senior management on various boards of directors in the insurance, real estate securities and banking arenas. He retire in Southern New Mexico with his wife of twenty-eight years, breeding and racing thoroughbred horses, and working as a regional activist on military and veteran's issues.  
Special Report: El Paso VA Director is moving on. Hear It

Monday with the Mayor Monday at 9:10am
  Join Mayor  Tom Battin for a look at the Village of Ruidoso.
Hear it here first! 
Hear the Archives  .              Hear It
Register for:
Call Me Ruidoso  

Visit the archives: Click Here   Village Council

071216: Mayor Tom Battin:    Hear the Interview
with Village Manager Debi Lee, and Interim Fire
Chief Cody Thetford. 
Hear It

Village Council Agenda Packet for 7-12-2016

KEDU Radio Welcomes Prof. Hugh Hewitt
Monday - Friday, 4-7am


The Ruidoso Business Insider

Wednesdays at 10:10am
  - All New!

KEDU Business Insider Archives: Click Here  
Welcome to the KEDU "Business Insider" Radio Show!
072915  Guest:  Debi Wilcox - Enchanted Massage of Ruidoso   Hear It

Enchanted Massage - Mountain Top Plaza
Professional Licensed Massage Therapist Debi Wilcox has created a private opportunity to pamper your self with a therapeutic and relaxing massage.  More


Ask about the "Big Oldies Special"  Hear It

Guest: James Stevens - Ruidoso Radio Shack - Radio Shack   Hear It
Looking for a new MP3 player, computer, TV, DVD player or cell phone? Look no further! As Ruidoso's preferred consumer electronics store, we have been welcoming customers to our shop for over 35 years. We are committed to providing you with unbeatable prices on high quality products!
Need assistance installing your new gadget? Depend on our qualified technicians for reliable customer service. We can help you design and install a Home Theater system that will provide high-quality entertainment for your entire family. We look forward to serving you!

All New! Smart Money with Brian Mirau   More
Wednesday's at 9:10am on KEDU Radio


The Spencer Spotlight with Kathleen McDonald
Tuesday's at 10:10am on KEDU Radio

The Spencer Spotlight airs every Tuesday at 10:10am on KEDU. The Spencer Spotlight features a sample of the amazing shows and performances scheduled at the Spencer Theater for the Performing Arts. Kathleen features interviews, news and information that offer a look at the many facets of the beautiful Spencer Theater. Plus, listen for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming performance during here show. WEBSITE
To contact Kathleen, call (575) 336-0016 or
email her at:
Click Here  
Hear this week's show:
 Click Here

Hear "Break Point" on "The Morning Show"with "Harvey T.," Monday - Friday at 7:20am      More

Dave Alexander's "The World of Western Swing"
Saturday, 9:00 - 10:00am

KEDU welcomes "The Gun Owner's News Hour" with Larry Pratt  More
Saturdays at 10:05am    Website     More
Join host Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, in a fast-paced discussion of current events. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. Pratt’s interviews explore a wide range of second amendment issues, as well as other areas of life threatened by unauthorized incursions by federal, state and local governments. As the show’s announcer proclaims, “It is not just about gun control, it is about control.”  Email Larry      More



KEDU Welcomes Bill Gaither's Homecoming Radio - Sunday's - 10:00pm



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