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"The wisdom to know...
and the courage to defend the public's interest."

Christian Community Broadcasters - Web Update


LPFM Radio News

Speak Without Fear - Glen Beck


Community Radio on Capitol Hill

Media panel provides testimony to Senate and Congressional  staffer on Senate Bill 2505 involving Low Power FM Radio in the US. The LPFM bill introduced by Sen. JOHN MCCAIN (R-AZ) gets approved by the SENATE COMMERCE COMMITTEE on a voice vote THURSDAY (7/21), sending the bill to the full Senate. The bill, S. 2505, would drop third-adjacent-channel interference protection and would also drop the current requirement that the FCC investigate the economic impact of adding an LPFM to existing full-power FMs in the market.

Left to Right: Alan Korn (Attorney), Anne Twite (KEDU), Jeff Crespie (WRYR),
Sen. Pete Domenici, R-NM, Carol Pierson - Pres. National Fed. of Community
Broadcasters, Harv Twite - GM, KEDU Radio

Left to Right: Jeff Crespie (WRYR), Alan Korn, Carol Pierson (NFCB), Rep. Steve Pearce, R-NM,
Anne and Harv Twite (KEDU)

For more information on local radio issues, visit the Media Access Project listed below:


LPFM Radio

Prometheus Radio Project congratulates FCC on improving LPFM radio
Reclaim the Media - Seattle,WA,USA
On November 27th, the Federal Communications Commission passed a set of provisions amending the rules that govern the low power FM radio (LPFM) service -- a ...
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FCC's New Low Power FM Rules Seek to Drop Protection
Radio Online - Amarillo,TX,USA
The Commission says the new rules and policies are designed to "foster and protect LPFM radio service which creates opportunities for new voices on the ...
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Christian Community Broadcasters - Web Update


FCC Approves LPFM Third Report and Order

Complete details on the wide-ranging changes approved by the Commission will be posted here as
soon as released by the FCC.  Highlights include help for the 40 LPFMs most at risk for displacement,
use of contour studies to fit LPFM stations where omni patterns do not work.  The FCC will dismiss
pending 2003 translator applications in excess of ten per organization.  Also the Order will address
local programming that is "overly repetitive" and a new filing window was promised "in the not too
distance future.."    Background information: general, click here.  and from Prometheus Radio  click here

NOVEMBER 27, 2007
10:33 AM
CONTACT: Common Cause
Mary Boyle (202) 736-5770
Communities need Low Power FM Radio
WASHINGTON - November 27 -The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Tuesday is scheduled to consider rules that will likely diminish the operation of Low Power FM (LPFM) Radio stations that provide valuable information and diverse viewpoints to local communities. These changes are likely to grant priority of airwaves to commercial stations wanting translator frequencies over local community LPFM stations. Low Power FM stations are radio stations run by non-profit organizations such as local governments, health and social service groups, youth and senior groups and others that serve the local community. They provide an alternative to commercial radio and allow for much greater diversity of communities to access the public’s airwaves. In turn, LPFM stations add to the political debate by increasing the diversity of viewpoints the public hears as they make decisions in our democracy.

“In this era of media consolidation, we need Low Power FM radio stations to provide a much-needed outlet for local and diverse voices of our communities,” said Common Cause President Bob Edgar. “The FCC must prioritize access to the public’s airwaves to these local voices over the desires of corporations to find yet another signal to rebroadcast what they are already airing on another station. This should be a no-brainer.”


Public Interest Groups Call for Media Diversity and Localism in FCC Meeting

A coalition of organizations called on the FCC to make consistent policies promoting media diversity and
 localism across broadcast and cable rules and warned that community radio rules must promote — not limit|
 — the expansion of LPFM.
Media and Democracy Coalition - November 27, 2007  Full Story

Where's the community in community radio?
Marty Racine/On Second Thought
Feb 17, 2005, 10:12 pm

... So, here's the deal. This town can have a community station with local programming,
or not. It can have a station that broadcasts meetings and hearings, or not. It can
have a station that is unafraid to probe issues, or not. It can have a station that
plays music you won't hear anywhere else, or not.
It is not up to the chamber. It is not up to KEDU. It's up to you. 'Twas ever thus.

(Marty Racine is a former news director of KEDU LP, 102.3 FM.)

War of the Worlds Monday, October 31st, 9:00pm!
KEDU presents the1938 Radio thriller that
shook the World. Join us tonight at 9:00pm for
the full length radio presentation, without interruption.

More info on "War of the Worlds"

KEDU Radio Turns Two Monday!  More
KEDU celebrates two years of Community Service in Ruidoso.

Media Access Project LogoMedia Access Project (MAP) is a thirty year old non-profit tax
exempt public interest telecommunications law firm which promotes
the public's First Amendment right to hear and be heard on the
electronic media of today and tomorrow. In the words of the Supreme Court:

 "It is the purpose of the First Amendment to preserve an uninhibited
  marketplace of ideas in which truth will ultimately prevail... It is the right
  of the public to receive suitable access to social, political, esthetic, moral
                               and other ideas which is crucial here."  More

Technology Daily
Low-Power FM Radio May Benefit From Hurricane
By Drew Clark
(Wednesday, September 28) The FCC is considering a proposal that could put more
low-power radio stations on the air -- in a move that comes five years after an attempt
to do just that was dramatically curtailed by Congress. Read the article

Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit, Sept 11-13 - USA
... In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, questions about communications and community-controlled
local radio in a time of need are putting LPFM legislation into sharp ...

Reclaim Local Radio: Support LPFM

Dear Friends,
In 2000, the FCC opened up the nation's airwaves to low power community radio
stations. Since then, more than 675 local stations have gone on the air in 50 states,
forming the national backbone for community broadcasting.

Now, local radio (LPFM) needs your help to survive and grow. The FCC is considering
critical new measures that would prevent commercial stations from pushing our
community broadcasters off the dial. Before the FCC decides, they need to hear from you.

Please write the FCC and tell them to protect Low Power FM radio stations.

It's taken commercial saturation of the radio waves to create demand for something as
revolutionary as LPFM. These stations are locally driven and noncommercial, providing news
and information to communities often ignored by mainstream radio.

The FCC is modifying the 2000 rules that created LPFM stations. If you have and value a local
station, or wish you had more homegrown broadcasting in your area, the FCC needs to hear
from you right now.

Act now to protect and support local radio.


Robert W. McChesney
Free Press

P.P.S. To learn more about LPFM, see

FCC Opens Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to
Amend the LPFM Service - Comments Extended!

On July 7th, the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking asking a number
of important questions about the future of the Low Power FM (LPFM) radio service.
This is the most important opportunity for you to comment on the direction of LPFM
since the service was implemented 5 years ago.

Find the text of the rulemaking here:
Prometheus positions on many of these issues are here:
A list of questions drawn from the rulemaking is here:

Comments are due on August 8th, and you can reply to others' comments, reply
comments due August 22. You can use our handy comment filing tool to skip some of the drudgerous
 parts of the FCC's electronic comment filing system at the FCC.

Power of the people:
Communities use low power FM to take back the Vermont airwaves

Indigos, Lawmakers Link For LPFM Legislation
Billboard Radio Monitor, NY - Jun 9, 2005
... Frisch told Billboard Radio Monitor the bill will charge the FCC with using “every means available to protect the 600 [LPFM] stations currently operating ...
Low-power stations imperiled as giants gobble up frequencies
Atlanta Journal Constitution (subscription), GA - Jun 14, 2005
... For Price to continue broadcasting, he would have to reapply for an LPFM frequency and possibly move his station elsewhere. Price ...
Asia:NZ Newsletter (press release), New Zealand - 13 hours ago
... The station had been broadcasting on 101.7 FM on a low power frequency (LPFM) since March 2003 but its limited range had been a serious obstacle to building a ...
Community radio lobbies to stay alive
Financial Express, India - Jun 12, 2005
... That is the threat, and I've got nowhere to go." For Price to continue broadcasting, he would have to reapply for an LPFM frequency and possibly move his ...
NAB Holds Board Elections
FMQB, NJ - 21 hours ago
... Orlando also discussed LPFM legislation in both the House and Senate that would repeal 3rd adjacent channel protections preserving interference-free listening ...
NAB Board Runs Through Radio Agenda
Billboard Radio Monitor, NY - Jun 15, 2005
... should be identified. He also discussed proposed legislation to eliminate 3rd adjacent channel protection from LPFM stations. On the ...
Winning the Media Wars
Media Channel, NY - May 20, 2005
... As noted recently by the Utne Reader, "the bill would expand LPFM service nationwide, easing the burden on would-be LPFM stations to prove noninterference with ...
News Sponsored by WNMB AM900, SC - Jun 1, 2005
... North Myrtle Beach is also better prepared for getting information to the public with the operation of its own LPFM Radio Station at 98.7. ...
National Conference on Media Reform Reportback
NYC Independent Media Center, NY - May 17, 2005
... portland indymedia audio folks have started doing this with Circle A Radio from KBOO; both spokane, wa and moscow, id have successul LPFM stations; someone ...
Smooth jazz hits right note with listeners
Florida Today, FL - May 25, 2005
... Bennett hopes to expand the station's coverage and maintain its LPFM status by adding more transmitter towers across the county. ...


Community Radio Lobbies to Stay Alive
Financial Express - Bombay,India
... Price, who established his LPFM station in March 2004, is among many local radio presidents, broadcasters and producers who are feeling the heat of ...
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Low-power stations imperiled as giants gobble up frequencies
'Atlanta has seen a lot of radio consolidation,' says Indigo Girls member

Cox News Service
Published on: 06/14/05

Washington — For most of his working life, Jim Price has been helping others establish community radio stations in every state of the country. But now, as president of his own station in Ringgold, Ga., he might soon be out of a job.

Price runs WBFC-LP, a low-power radio station that serves his North Georgia community, broadcasting local Southern gospel music and public service announcements.

But about 60 miles north of Ringgold in McMinnville, Tenn., Clear Channel Communications, which owns hundreds of radio stations across the country, is waiting for an application to go through the Federal Communications Commission that would allow it to begin broadcasting on Price's frequency.

"They moved in on the channel that I chose back in 2000," Price said. "Two of us can't operate on the same channel. That is the threat, and I've got nowhere to go."

For Price to continue broadcasting, he would have to reapply for an LPFM frequency and possibly move his station elsewhere.

Price, who established his LPFM station in March 2004, is among many local radio presidents, broadcasters and producers who are feeling the heat of conglomerates like Clear Channel.

On Thursday, Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) announced plans to introduce legislation within two weeks to protect LPFM stations from corporate interference.

Indigo Girls express concern

Slaughter championed LPFM alongside the band the Indigo Girls, who said they were concerned about the loss of community-oriented broadcasting, including in Atlanta.

"Atlanta has seen a lot of radio consolidation," said Amy Ray, one of the band's members. "We really need for those outlying areas of Atlanta, in the inner city of Atlanta, and all those areas to have opportunities, because they have unique aspects of their community and unique things going on."

FCC spokeswoman Rebecca Fisher said the commission was reviewing the issue.

Congress mandated that LPFM have secondary status, which means commercial stations take precedence on the airwaves. "Unfortunately, full-power FM just has a higher status," Fisher said.

LPFM licenses were created in 2000 to allow community-oriented broadcasting within a 3- to 7-mile radius and are available only to "noncommercial educational entities and public safety and transportation organizations," according to the FCC. The licenses are free to those entities and not available to "individuals or for commercial operations."

However, LPFM stations like Price's are increasingly being pushed out.

A similar case is under investigation by the FCC involving three Idaho companies that received 1,026 free translator stations, which are low-power but are not required to broadcast noncommercial content. Radio Assist Ministry Inc., Edgewater Broadcasting Inc. and World Radio Link have sold 85 of those stations and have made close to $800,000. There are currently no rules in place to prevent individuals from receiving large numbers of translator stations or selling them, said Harold Feld, a lawyer challenging the three groups.

Eric Burns, a spokesman for Slaughter, said her legislation would direct the FCC to prevent future encroachment by large companies. Clear Channel was unavailable for comment.

A bill introduced to a Senate committee in February would ensure that licenses are available to both translator and LPFM stations based on the needs of each community.

Price said he doubted he would get what he ultimately wants anytime soon: primary status for LPFM. What would that mean for people like him?

"I can't be bumped. I'm a real radio station," he said. "I dream about that."

Asia:NZ Newsletter (press release) - New Zealand
... LPFM signals are available to anyone who wants to set up a radio station but only
on a three kilowatt signal compared with 5-10 kilowatts for commercial ...

Winning The Media Wars - Washington,D.C.,USA
... to prove noninterference with commercial broadcasters." For more on LPFM,
including information on obtaining a license, contact Prometheus Radio Project . ...

FM station applicants endure long wait
The Republican - Springfield,MA,USA
... They represent the distinct interests competing for one available low-power
frequency modulation (LPFM) radio license - on 99.7 FM. ...

Radio Assist met with FCC Commissioner Michael Copps a few
days back. This is on the LPFM docket:

Confessions of a Listener

The Return of Low-Power FM
Utne Reader Online - USA
... R-Ariz.), Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) introduced the
Local Community Radio Act of 2005. The bill would expand LPFM service nationwide

Can Congress Tune In and Turn On?
Guerrilla News Network - USA
... To begin with, low-power FM radio (LPFM)-<>one of the best vehicles for
developing and expanding community radio <>is back on the docket. ...

Community Radio Leaders Gather for 30th Annual Conference
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
... Community Radio stations will discuss the opportunities and challenges facing stations
... challenges, expanded channels to provide more public service, and LPFM...

Left off the dial
Boston Phoenix - Boston,MA,USA - LPFM Radio
... station," says Tridish, now the technical director for Prometheus Radio, a collective of micro-radio activists
based in Philadelphia, where no LPFM slots are ...

Really Local Radio

New station features a familiar voice


Today's Community Calendar
Portsmouth Herald News - Portsmouth,NH,USA
... AMY GOODMAN, host of the national daily, radio/TV program "Democracy Now!" (heard locally on Portsmouth Community Radio, 106.1 WSCA-LPFM) will discuss her ...

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Yay radio free moscow, and hood river!
 Two LPFMs win grants from university of maryland/j-lab!

 Keystone college, scranton, PA: