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"The Morning Show"

"The wisdom to know...
and the courage to defend the public's interest."

         -- "Unknown

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"The Morning Show" is a collection of news, human interest stories, guest appearances on topics of general interest, along with news, music, weather, sports and politics.  "The Morning Show" is timely, never dull, and sometimes controversial.... but always entertaining. The show is open for listeners to call in with questions, ideas and comments at: Studio Line:  (575) 258-1386

"Harvey T." Twite  -  Host - "The Morning Show"
KEDU Director of Programming & Operations - Media Consultant    DJ Services    Beep-Beep     Ruidoso Wedding Services

"Harvey T." is the anchor for the morning line-up at KEDU Radio.
Harvey is a 30-year plus veteran of morning radio shows from around the country. He is not the average "Morning Guy". Not only is Harvey the Program Director and Chief Operator, but at one time or another, he has been the program director of every commercial radio station in Ruidoso since moving to Lincoln County in 1999. Harvey helped start the KEDU project in early 2001, taking on the project on a full-time basis in February 2003, and placing the station on-the-air, officially, on October 31, 2003. The first program aired was the original 1947 radio broadcast of  "The War of the Worlds."

For over three decades, Harv has been involved with local and group broadcasting companies in the United States. During that time, Harvey has been recognized for his care and contributions to the communities he has lived in, as well as recognition from his peers in the broadcasting industry. Over the years, Harvey has been the recipient of many broadcasting and community service awards. Most recently,

Harvey has been recognized many times by his peers and received many awards in his years in New Mexico:

New Mexico Broadcasters Association 1999 "DJ/Radio Air Personality of the Year "
New Mexico Broadcasters Association 2000 "DJ/Radio Air Personality of the Year "
New Mexico Broadcasters Association 2001 "DJ/Radio Air Personality of the Year "
New Mexico Broadcasters Association 2001 "Best Website" for www.w105country.com
New Mexico Broadcasters Association 2002  "DJ/Radio Air Personality of the Year "
2001 "Quality of Life Award - Ruidoso Valley Chamber of Commerce
2004 Camp Sierra Blanca Appreciation Award
2004 Lincoln County Humane Society Appreciation Award
2004 U.S. Forest Service "Peppin Fire" PSA Appreciation Award
2005 Childhood Hero Award - Partners in Early Childhood
2017 Seven Seals Award - DoD Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve

Your calls and emails are always welcome. To contact Harvey: Email:
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KEDU Office  (575) 258-1386
KEDU Fax (575) 258-1388

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011218  Guest: Paul Gessing, President of the Rio Grande Foundation  Hear It

Paul Gessing, President - Rio Grande Foundation   Hear It
Topics: New Mexico Update Website
The Rio Grande Foundation is a research institute dedicated to increasing liberty and prosperity for all of New Mexico's citizens.
We do this by informing New Mexicans of the importance of
individual freedom, limited government, and economic opportunity.

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