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Traditional Values Action Committee

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Traditional Values Action Committee

Dedicated to the Protection of Life, Marriage and Family

  • Informing New Mexico citizens about proposed state and federal legislation impacting the sanctity of life, marriage and family
  • Providing concise, clear descriptions of why proposed legislation will impact the rights of the unborn, married couples and families
  • Notifying voters to contact their federal and state representatives regarding pending legislation which will disrespect life, or violate marriage and family
  • Enabling constituents to contact federal and state representatives easily and efficiently to make their concerns known in time to make a difference

Breaking News: Wednesday, 2-3-2010, 5:35pm


Re: SB-183 Domestic Partnership - Probable Full Senate Vote, Thursday Morning-2/4

Please forward this information to family, friends, and colleagues. Encourage them to subscribe at to receive personal alerts.

It appears that SB-183 will be voted on by the full senate as early as Thursday morning.

It is CRITICAL that we IMMEDIATELY contact the Democratic Senators listed below:
? Thank them for voting NO on domestic partnership in 2009.
? Ask them to PLEASE vote NO on SB-183 tomorrow, 2/4, to ensure New Mexico will not
achieve same-sex marriage.

Peter Campos
(505) 986-4311

Carlos Cisneros
(505) 986-4365

Tim Jennings
(505) 986-4733

Linda Lovejoy
(505) 986-4310

Richard Martinez
(505) 986-4389

George Munoz
(505) 986-4387

John Pinto
(505) 986-4835

Bernadette Sanchez
(505) 986-4267

John Arthur Smith
(505) 986-4363

David Ulibarri
(505) 986-4265

Thank you for your continued commitment to defending life, marriage and family.

Please consider donating to TVAC-NM:,
so we may continue to provide alerts to protect life, marriage and family in time to make a difference.


The Traditional Values Action Committee-NM